About UpDriven

UpDriven was founded with a simple purpose: to help learners of all ages, education levels, and socioeconomic statuses discover the jobs of their dreams and the proper guidance to take them there. One of the biggest obstacles for young people is acquiring the information they need to prepare early for a career they will enjoy. College educations are extremely cost-intensive, and many students are not sure what occupations will best suit them before being forced to choose.

With the UpDriven platform, we are creating a modern social media experience where students can connect with active working professionals and receive expert career guidance to help them plan their futures. Industry experts can pass on their knowledge and ignite learners’ interests in careers they are passionate about, providing mentorship for students everywhere to achieve their dream jobs.

Our vision for UpDriven is to serve as a free and equal career education resource for learners to chart their course to a better future while giving companies a place to find and foster promising new talents.