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UpDriven is the first social platform to help connect learners with careers they‘ll love and the mentorship to get there.

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A One-of-a-Kind Social Media App for Finding Career Guidance

Combining a modern social media experience with career education, UpDriven provides students with a platform to learn from experts about careers they are interested in through posted video and articles, live lessons, and more.

Mentorship from the Masters

In this career-centric interview show, UpDriven speaks with successful people from the world’s most sought-after professions about where they started, what doing their jobs is really like, and what our viewers can be doing to emulate their successes.
Jiake Liu, Founder of Outer, on Becoming an Entrepreneur
From computer engineer to startup CEO, he knows what it takes to make it as a successful entrepreneur. Jiake Liu, Co-Founder & CEO of Outer is here to share what he’s learned as the leader of a team of 100+.

Giving Students the Skills to Chart Their Own Paths

Early preparation is crucial for achieving financial stability & career satisfaction

Only 27% of college grads have a job related to their major.
Students take out loans for degrees that can’t pay off their debt.
Students aren’t aware of what it’s like to join the workforce.

UpDriven for Learners

UpDriven provides users with a contemporary social media experience where everything is geared towards facilitating the career education of students by active working professionals. Available on any web browser and with a mobile app coming soon for Apple and Android devices, UpDriven offers students unmatched access to career experts at the top of their fields.

Brighter Futures Begin Here

Explore Career

Through unprecedented access to successful people in the working world, students can start making an action plan early to prepare for a career they’ll love.

Better Use of
Student Loans

Young Adults can avoid feeling tricked and trapped by expensive degrees by learning in advance which career paths are worth their investment.

Reduce the National
Skills Gap

By better preparing our workforce for future positions, we can ensure our industries have the skilled labor they need and that our country stays competitive.

Better Preparation for
the Future Workforce

Today’s students can study the right subjects to meet demand in tomorrow’s market, while the underemployed can discover new paths to better their situations.

Corporate Sponsorship Program

What Sets Us Apart

A More Social Approach to Career Mentorship

UpDriven provides a contemporary social media experience that makes career exploration more exciting for students to engage with

Assistance for All Levels of Education

UpDriven is useful for current students, recent grads and non-college learners to plan their next steps.

Current Career Advice from Working Professionals

UpDriven directly connects learners to mentorship from experts actively working in today’s most in demand fields.

Become a Mentor

UpDriven welcomes workers from all walks of life to contribute their experiences and mentor our learners. Whether you are new to your field or an established career veteran, you can provide invaluable insights about your profession.

Benefits for Mentors

By joining UpDriven as a mentor,
you can play a pivotal role in guiding students in their career choices.

Mentors can post text or video lessons and converse their audience in the comments

An UpDriven profile is great for personal brand building and can bring exposure to mentors’ work

Host Live Events/
Zoom-Type Outreach

Mentors earns eligibility for rewards from UpDriven as a thank you

UpDriven for Businesses

Provide a centralized hub for all employee created content on UpDriven

Help Foster Tomorrow’s Top Talent

Being on UpDriven helps demonstrate your expertise in your industry,
share your company culture, and drive brand awareness among job seekers.

Gather all your employee mentor accounts on one page and share lessons from your company

Increase brand visibility with sponsored posts and get your message in front of millions of learners

Recruit top talent for internships and new openings and make job seekers aware of your hiring expectations

Fulfill your CSR and develop good public relations through community education

How It Works

Corporate receives their own portal
and ability to track/view posts within
their organization.

Once a mentor is invited through your
organization’s portal, they can create
posts based on the categories/criteria
we offer. Posts are limited to non-sensitive information about their work.

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